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Tinting Kit



  • Remove contact lenses first. Cleanse the eyebrows and eyelashes using an oil-free eye make-up remover and wait a bit, as the hair must be dry and free from any grease to achieve the best tinting result. Remove two protective sheets and apply moisturising skin cream to the rough side of the papers. Gently press the protective sheets under the lower eyelash line of both eyes to prevent the skin from discolouring. Protect the rest of the skin around the eyes from discolouring by applying a small amount of cream to the upper eye lids and around the eyebrows. However, please be careful that the hair does not get in contact with the cream, as otherwise the tinting process will not  work.


  • Open the colour gel tube (1) and press a pea-sized amount of the product into one of the plastic dishs compartements. Now apply the product to the eyelashes like mascara using the brush and keeping your eyes open. The eyelashes must be covered completely and evenly with the colour gel, from the roots to the tips. If you are using the same colour for your eyebrows you can now apply the colour to them in the direction of the hair growth using the same brush. Leave it on for two minutes to take effect.

06_AnwendungLaura_AuftragenWimpern_RGB_300dpi 05_AnwendungLaura_AuftragenBrauen_RGB_72dpi

  • After 2 minutes remove the colour gel from your eyebrows first, then from the eyelashes using a dry cotton bud or cosmetic tissue. Remove the colour carefully and as thoroughly as possible but make sure that the protective sheets do not slip. To achieve maximum intensity wait 5 minutes before continuing with the next step, for less intensity continue straight away.


  • Press a pea-sized amount of the developer gel from the tube (2) into the plastic dish‘s second compartment. Apply the developer gel to your eyebrows and eyelashes using the tinting stick. They should be completely covered with the gel from the roots to the tips. Please note that the developer gel should be clear when getting in contact with the hair- therefore clean it with a cosmetic tissue in between usage. Work carefully so that the skin does not get discoloured. Leave it on for one minute to take effect.

10_AnwendungLaura_EntwicklerBrauen_RGB_72dpi 11_AnwendungLaura_EntwicklerWimpern_RGB_72dpi

  • After 1 minute  remove the developer gel from the eyebrows using a moist cotton wool pad. Then remove the protective sheets and wipe the rest of the developer gel from the eyelashes using a moist cotton wool pad.


Attention: Contains silver nitrate that will lead to staining of the skin when getting in contact with it! You can remove discolouration to the skin using the Beautylash Sensitive Tint remover.


The BeautyLash Tinting Kit is available in the following colour shades:

  • BlackTints every hair in a rich and brilliant black – we recommend usage on eyelashes and very dark eyebrows.
  • Dark BrownTints every hair in a dark brown and is suitable for medium to dark brown hair.
  • Medium Brown: Tints light brown to dark blond hair in a warm brown.
  • Light Brown: Tints light hair in a soft brown.