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Growth Booster


Use BeautyLash Eyelash Growth Booster daily every night after washing your face. The application mode is similar to the one of an Eyeliner. In doing so, directly apply a small amount of the serum to the upper and lower roots. One stroke of the brush is enough.

Beautylash_Booster Application2_0607_72RGB

The product should not get in touch with the eyes. We recommend using an oil free make-up remover for the cleaning of the eye area in order to allow the ingredients to unfold in the best possible way. Oily make-up removers create a film on the skin and close the hair follicle. That makes it difficult for the agents of the serum to penetrate.

Beautylash_Booster Application1_0607_72RGB

The Eyelash Growth Booster is also suitable for eyebrows.

Click here for BeautyLash Eyelash Growth Booster.